Colorado Free Radio Going Off Air For A While


The station managers of Colorado Free Radio have made the decision to take CFR off the air for a while. The decision was not made lightly but seeing that our listener-ship has been very low we decided the expense of keeping the server running online has exceeded our ability to maintain the station.

This doesn’t ┬ámean that we are done or giving up. We will continue to produce a podcast featuring the large playlist of outstanding artists that have sent us their music over the years. The podcast will be generated from our website and will be added to iTunes as well as other podcasting streams.

Our parent organization will continue to maintain our sister station Old Time Radio CFR as it has a very large listener-ship and following. We will be exploring other possibilities that will allow us to bring the station back on the air, from other streaming services to possibly running our own server like we did for the first 5 years on the air. We appreciate the years of support that some of you have given us and we will announce when the time comes that CFR returns to the airwaves.

check in from time to time for Podcasts or keep following us on twitter as we will be producing them more often to make up for not being on the air.

Station Manager

Johnny G Note