Artists Submission


We want to encourage artists to submit their work. We appreciate any submissions you make an will listen to them all. WE cannot guarantee that we will put your songs on our station but we will listen. If you send us a CD we will not be able to return it. CFRG plays Folk, Folk Rock, Rock some hard, Reggae/World, Ethnic, Indie, Comedy/Standup etc, there are some things we will not play, offensive or abusive language is not a part of our criteria although we keep an open mind.

You can send us a link to your tunes or send us your mp3s to: Submissions Colorado Free Radio dot com

At present CFR is off the air until we reinstate our personal server. Until then we still encourage submissions as we will use your music in our podcasts.

Please send your CDs to:

Colorado Free Radio
10238 Hwy 550
Durango CO 81303